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This is impossible. No help that I can see. Is it a rip-off? Seems like it.

Handy Tool For Life !

My girlfriend and I try to spend weekends in different places and at the end of every month we have to spend an hour or two reviewing all of our expenses from the trips we took that month, so we can see what we can spend next month. This app just saved me 2 hours every month for $2.

Easy to budget now...

I always wanted to have something to keep track of our familys spending. This app was easy to use and has been very helpful to me in my daily tasks. I highly recommend it as a cool way of tracking your finances. You wont regret it!

Love it!

I have downloaded several apps, some free, some paid, Ive kept some, and deleted some, but none have been worthy of a review...good or bad...until now! This app is awesome! I would like to request an update though. It would be nice if it could do both a one time budget category and a running monthly category. For instance, I am getting married in June and this is great to keep me on budget, but Id like to put in my monthly expenses without having to enter each month manually. Also, Id like it if each sub-folder had a budget amount included instead of just an entry amount. And finally, Id like to be able to move the categories. As it stands now, once you enter a category, its stuck in that position unless you delete it and re-enter it. Overall, the best app Ive downloaded!! Cant wait for the updates!


Very basic program at this point.

Use of Tripulator

I cant even get it to work, let alone put in any expense.

Love this app!

Our family takes a trip to Disney World every summer, this summer is no exception with a trip planned in June. In past trips, I have tried many methods to keep better track of our families vacation budget, but seems as we get into full vacation mode, I seem to lose track of how and how much. This app solves that problem. Ive already set up my families entire vacation budget with the expenses I know we will have and the costs Ive already incurred. Now Im ready to add the fun spending once we get there. For a couple dollars, this app saves me enough money to go shopping for a few more gifts. I love it!


This was a great app at first.. But when I entered in my expenses already payed it kept changing the amount! No matter how many times I change it or delete and redo it continued to do the same thing. I advise anyone who purchases this to keep an eye on it and dont rely on it 100%.

Great and Easy to use!

I love this app it makes adding expenses up easy. I dont understand the bad reviews? It does what it promises and lets you put expenses in categories. Great app for $1!

It doesnt work!

It only lets your create a budget, a catagory, and subcatagories. It wont let you input money for the subcatagories to take away from the original budget. If theres a way to get around this please let us know MediaLAB as I think this is a great idea for an app.

Great but

Nice tool for checking expenses, especially when travelling. One feature is desperately missing though: the ability to use different currencies. That would make it really great.

I cant get it to accept an expense...

Bought the program because I need to keep track of expenses but I cant get it to accept an expense. I cant get the payment amount or what its for past the the category name.

Beautifully done

Love this, especially now that TipIt is also included! I would love to have the ability to do a repeating monthly budget.

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